Coaching Circles

I run and facilitate coaching circles for weight-loss, emotional intelligence, goal-setting, shifting limiting beliefs, manifesting (using the law of attraction), conscious living and high thinking.

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This is a fantastic platform to learn, share and express, creating an amazing support network with like- minded people, whilst achieving your dream goals.

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How do Coaching Circles work?

We are a group who meet on a monthly basis to create and mastermind a way to evolve and develop so you can live your life to your fullest potential. It is a safe environment in which you may address your individual goals and challenges without fear of judgement. This introspective time will give you the opportunity to overcome the obstacles which have kept you enslaved, debilitating you from living the life you deserve. Within this collective group share, you will experience limitless breakthroughs and life tools to help shift negative associations and unhealthy patterns to feeling energetically empowered through positive transformation.

I appreciate some people may feel self- conscious to speak in a group situation at first. It is absolutely fine to simply be present, observing and learning from others on your personal growth journey. However, it is also the best time to overcome the fear of speaking up as this may be one of the reasons you joined the circle in the first place.

Circle outline

The circle begins with a centering meditation followed by a group introduction. As the Coach, I will give a small talk on the related subject which will lead onto the group or individual share.
The intention of each coaching circle varies. Sometimes we may add a Yoga or Pranayama (ancient yogic breathing) session beforehand. This is dependent upon the request of the fellow group members.
Finally we close the circle with a silent, reflective meditation.

Please note the coaching circle is always open and welcome to new members regardless of how long it has been running.

“Live with greatness”