Weight loss Coaching

Weight loss coaching and NLP will teach, guide and support you in order for you to attain your dream body and keep the weight off for good, giving you a body that looks and feels fantastic.

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All too often, people who want to lose weight truly believe that their lack of success is the result of the wrong diet, their work schedule, their genes or an infinite amount of other reasons. However, when it comes to losing weight, successful clients weight loss happens as a result of having the right mindset, understanding how your own excuses sabotage you and living with personal integrity. It’s not about the circumstances; it’s about your ability to say what you are going to do, mean it and follow through on it.


You probably know what you need to do to lose weight and be healthier, yet doing it is often the hard part. For instance, you know that you should only eat when you’re hungry or drink plenty of water each day. Working with me will help you to find a way to do these things and to keep with them permanently, as long as you are able to commit to taking action to achieve positive change.

In many instances, people who try to lose weight will start out doing all the right things in regards to diet and exercise and yet will give up weeks (or days) later as a result of something as simple as not keeping a promise to him or herself, losing the “willpower” or just feeling lazy. It is in these moments that your coach will give you the full support and backing to keep you on the right track so you keep focused on reaching your goal and to avoiding a plateau in losing weight and your work outs.


A typical session would last approximately 50 minutes either personally, by phone or Skype, although the first session will take 60 minutes.

I will listen to you and take note of your past experiences with regards to your background in weight loss and exercise. I will work out how I can help you by challenging your blockages which have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past. We will then discover the best solution to your weight-loss problems with which will fit in with your lifestyle. This will give you a good sense of direction to keep you focused on reaching your goals and attaining successful, long-term results!

We work together to find what works and what doesn’t work for you to achieve permanent weight loss. I enjoy working with people who are ready to have a healthy life.

Weight Loss Coaching is a unique process that helps you to remove the blocks and obstacles that have been keeping you from losing weight and being healthy.

Free Initial Session

You need to be 100% sure that the coach is right for you, and that is why I offer a free initial 20 minute session by phone so you can get to know me and ask any questions you may have.

Click the links below to access the forms you need to complete for the coaching sessions:
Weight-loss & NLP Coaching Form
Mood Diary

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