NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the study of human excellence and communication. It provides us with the tools to run our own brain and manage our states, emotions and behaviours.

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NLP can be useful for people struggling to lose weight. In fact, wanting to lose weight is a fairly common reason for why people seek NLP. Whilst NLP is by no means a magic diet pill, it can be very useful in addressing the issues associated with over-eating such as confidence, self-esteem, motivation and negative coping strategies.

The NLP communication model can help you to begin to be much more aware of the language you use during thinking, in order that you can develop positive thinking habits. Since how you think has a massive effect on how you feel, it also effects how you behave. Change your thinking patterns and you will get different behavioral results. In the case of weight loss, this can be a change in your eating or exercise habits.
The information is processed by our brain to form different thoughts and behaviours based largely on previous experiences – both positive and negative. NLP helps people make sense of their own and others reality. Some people see it as a tool kit for the mind. It has also been described as the toolkit for personal and organisational change.

People aren’t born with unwanted habits, phobias, confidence issues, compulsive tendencies, tendencies to overeat. From an NLP perspective these are examples of learned behaviour. Their unconscious mind stores this memory and then links it to similar situations in the future. So, the whole point of NLP is to re- train your mind with your way of thinking. Think of it as a mind work-out!