Fabulous Fitness at 40 DVD with Ladan Soltani

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Transform your body to look fabulous before and beyond 40!

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Fabulous Fitness at 40 DVD with Ladan Soltani is for anyone who wants to start investing in their health and well-being to stay looking young, lean and fabulous. With 20 years experience of teaching a varied style of fitness classes, Ladan is living proof that these exercises work.

This work-out is also featured in Ladan’s book, Fabulous Fitness at 40, with detailed diagrams, teaching points and physical benefits of the exercises.

For best results, Ladan recommends doing this work-out 3/4 times per week with a healthy balanced diet.

DVD Features:

  • Shape and sculpt your body from top to toe
  • Promote flexibility
  • Strengthen your back
  • Tone and condition your abdomen
  • Improve overall fitness

Plus two extra features:

  • Ten minute soothing, guided meditation
  • Bonus fabulous thighs & fit legs work-out.

Fabulous Fitness at 40 DVD is a body sculpting and conditioning workout for all levels. It’s aimed at those who want to do the work now and reap the benefits later in life. By promoting flexibility, strengthening your back, toning and conditioning your abdomen, and improving your overall fitness, this workout will have you looking fabulous before 40 and beyond.

The Fabulous Fitness at 40 DVD workout uses hand-held weights and floor work sections to tone and condition your body. As a bonus, this 45-minute workout also comes with a 25-minute Fabulous Thighs & Fit Legs Workout and a 10-minute Guided Meditation to calm and soothe the body and mind.

With this DVD you will be able to benefit from Ladan’s expertise in the comfort of your own home.

PLEASE READ: Before participating in any routines, you are advised to consult your doctor if you are pregnant, suffer from a medical condition or over the age of 65. In participating in these exercises you do so at your own risk and agree to accept all responsibility for your health and any resultant injury or mishap that may affect your wellbeing or health in any way. You hold harmless of any responsibility, the instructor, or any persons involved with the programme or testing procedures.

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